EVE Valkyrie (December 2015)

Almost a year and a half after debuting on the Oculus Rift, CCP is putting EVE Valkyrie onto boring ol'...

pcwdigitaledition primary aug17

Enjoy the best of PCWorld.com in a curated Digital Edition for Android and iOS.

Blizzard Battle.net

"Take it from the developer formerly known as Silicon & Synapse, and Chaos Studios, names are important...


AMD's Vega is finally here. We've benchmarked the Radeon RX 56, Radeon RX Vega 64, and liquid-cooled...

fft flipping legend lead

It's not quite legendary (yet, at least), but this endless leaper really stands out.


Fullbright's Tacoma is a space yarn full of space yawns.

valve artifact

Plus: Destiny 2's scented candles, Rez Infinite makes its way to PC (and PC VR), Gearbox unveils its...

causality main screen

These tricky time-manipulation puzzles are as addictive as they are challenging.

radeon vega 64 a.

AMD is selling its RX Vega graphics cards in "Radeon Packs" that promise extra discounts on other...

origin steam games

Plenty of new PC games are still coming in 2017. These are the ones we're most interested in.

asus swift 4k monitor

How AMD and Nvidia's adaptive sync (aka variable refresh rate) monitors improve PC gaming by eliminating...

ryzen 3 1200 gaming pc 82

Ryzen 3 lets you build a cheap quad-core gaming PC for $550 or less. This guide will show you how.

Day of the Tentacle

Twitch Prime members can grab a free copy of Day of the Tentacle Remastered through August 9.

fft kingdomhearts lead

A colorful premise helps rescue this creative mash-up from its routine, humdrum action.

Overwatch - Summer Games 2017

Plus: Pillars of Eternity II shows off the huge city of Neketaka, Creative Assembly turns 30, survival...

punishing pc games hero

If you want to make a video of your PC games, there's a slew of freeware that can help you do it. We...

nintendo switch online lead

You'll need the iOS app to chat in Splatoon 2 and future Switch games. Confused? Let us explain…

acer predator 21 x brad chacos melissa riofrio

Release the Kraken! The Acer Predator 21 X is a pure and uncompromising gaming machine whose 18-pound...