This killer combo deal basically gives you a free 512GB Intel SSD when you buy a Radeon RX 580

Set a solid foundation for your next PC with this $195 RX 580 and Intel 660p deal from Newegg.

MSI and Intel

If you’re looking to level up your existing gaming PC, or build an all-new one this back-to-school season, you won’t want to miss this killer combo deal from Newegg. The online retailer is offering a fantastic GPU and storage bundle: an 8GB MSI Radeon RX 580 with a 512GB Intel 660p M.2 SSD is just $195 after a $20 mail-in rebate. The rebate is available until Saturday, August 31.

Newegg’s sale includes the overclocked MSI Armor edition of the Radeon RX 580. We usually see this card on sale for about $180, and its current price hovers around $200—already more than the cost of this bundle. The SSD, meanwhile, sells for about $60. All together you’re saving about $65, or just over 26 percent, off the usual prices.

The 8GB Radeon RX 580 is an excellent 1080p graphics card that offers solid performance on High graphics settings, with some AAA games able to hit Ultra.

The Intel 660p is a nice SSD, though it does have a few issues based on our review. It’s an NVMe drive, which means it should offer blazing fast performance. It was also the first QLC (quad-level cell) drive on the market. All those advantages add up to solid performance overall, but on massive (read: 80GB-plus) write jobs the drive tends to run out of cache. At that point performance takes a serious nose dive.

Still, at this price when combined with an RX 580, this deal is hard to beat.

[Today’s deal: MSI Armor OC Radeon RX 580 and 512GB Intel 660p for $195.]

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