Sanity returns to RAM prices: Get 16GB of DDR4-3000 for $55

Or Corsair's RGB-illuminated Vengeance memory for $80.


More than two years ago, we warned you that rising memory prices were going to get worse before they got better—and oh boy, did they. Now, as we hit the closing months of 2019, we can finally say prices are coming back down to earth. Case in point: Adata is currently selling a 16GB kit of DDR4-3000 memory for $55 on Newegg. The sale price ends on Wednesday.

Not too long ago, plain RAM like this would’ve cost $80 or more. At long last, we’re starting to see more reasonable prices for baseline RAM, even if it is a special sale price.

This kit is Adata’s XPG Gammix D10 with two 8GB modules, for 16GB total. Each module sports a serrated heatsink with two ounces of copper for improved heat removal. It’s also a low-profile design, making it ideal for smaller cases or if you've got a mammoth air cooler.

If plain old RAM isn’t your thing and you need something flashier for that gaming mid-towerhead over to Amazon where you can pick up 16GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM for $80, down from about $110. Like the Adata set, Corsair's kit has two 8GB modules of DDR4-3000. The big feature here, though, is that RGB lighting at the top.

[Today’s deal: ADATA XPG Gammix D10 16GB of DDR4-3000 RAM for $55 at Newegg.]

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