Gear up for Nvidia's RTX 3080 with this killer 32-inch curved monitor

B&H Photo and Video is selling the Gigabyte G32QC for just $340.


Nvidia's tantalizing RTX 3080 graphics card is a little over a week away from release, so you want to make sure your rig is ready for all that GPU goodness. Like this monitor: B&H Photo and Video is selling the Gigabtye G32QC 165Hz curved display with FreeSync Premium Pro for $340, the best price we've ever seen for this display, which is loaded wit just about every spec you could possibly want. 

The G32QC is a VA curved panel with a 1500R curve and Quad-HD 1440p resolution. It's got an excellent color gamut with 94 percent fidelity with DCI-P3 and 124 percent of sRGB. It's also rocking FreeSync Premium Pro, so you can expect a few extra features that the lower gaming classes don't get with plain vanilla FreeSync. For example, Premium Pro adds support for low framerate compensation (LFC), which means FreeSync will continue to work if you fall below the standard range of 48Hz for FreeSync support.

As you might expect with this monitor, FreeSync works all the way up to 165Hz but only over DisplayPort. (Otherwise, HDMI FreeSync maxes out at 144Hz.) FreeSync Premium Pro also supports HDR, though that's not a consideration for this display. Even though Gigabyte's marketing says this monitor supports HDR its max brightness is 3‎50 cd/m2, which doesn't technically qualify in our book. And if you're wondering if this display works with a G-Sync card, it does, but you may need to enable support via the Nvidia Control Panel.

All said, you're getting a ton of high-end display features for a low-end price. So go grab it before your RTX 3080 shows up and your display isn't up to snuff.

[Today's deal: Gigabyte G32QC 1440p 32-inch monitor for $340 at B&H]

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