Video: Intel answers our Rocket Lake S questions

What more can we learn about Intel's Rocket Lake S Core chip? We try to find out.

the full nerd ces 2021 intel talks rocket lake s 2

Perhaps outgoing Intel chief executive Bob Swan said it best: Everyone expected PC demand to drop off a cliff when the pandemic hit, and it soared instead. Why? In part because of PC gaming. 

At CES, Intel announced Rocket Lake S: a new 10nm (whoops! 14nm core) that carries on the five-year tradition of 14nm process technology at Intel. But there was a reason for that, and Brandt Guttridge, Intel’s senior director of the Desktop Products Group, spoke with Gordon Mah Ung and Mark Hachman on The Full Nerd to explain why. 

We’re focusing on the desktop PC here, firing questions at Guttridge on the video and graphics capabilities, what “backporting” means, and what performance and other, perhaps more subtle advantages Rocket Lake S brings, such as the widening of the DMI interface. Is the Core i9-11900K really going to outperform everything AMD plans to throw at it? We’re here to ask Guttridge and Intel the questions you care about. 

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