HP makes its case for Omen pre-builts and Omen Gaming Hub software

The approach appears to be the DIY experience, simplified.

HP Omen 30L in PCWorld lab
Adam Patrick Murray / IDG

Prebuilts have a reputation for shoddy components, proprietary designs, and an overall middling experience. But crack into one of HP’s Omen 30L systems, and a surprise awaits: Its layouts and components largely conform to DIY standards.

In the video above, Judy Johnson, Director of Gaming & eSports at HP, explains this seemingly new philosophy for Omen pre-builts and also shows us HP’s Omen Gaming Hub software. This look behind the curtain dives into reasons for the DIY flavor of the Omen 30L, which sports components that can be swapped with off-the-shelf retail equivalents and labeling that aids new PC owners and not-yet-DIYers in performing upgrades.

(You can get a deeper, closer look at the internals of the Omen 30L in our separate tour video.)

Our chat also gets into the details of HP’s Omen Gaming Hub, and how it can serve as a useful, unifying dashboard for your gaming activities. In addition to launching games from it, you can control RGB lights, stream games to other devices for remote play, and even get tips on how to improve your gameplay.

For PC gamers, this is an opportunity to hear from the horse’s mouth the approach and philosophy behind these initiatives—some details surprised us! Catch all of it above, then check out our other great interviews with big PC makers, like our discussion with Dell about laptop cooling.

This story, "HP makes its case for Omen pre-builts and Omen Gaming Hub software" was originally published by PCWorld.

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