Immerse yourself in Samsung's 34-inch ultrawide monitor for $279

Walmart is selling a Samsung 34-inch 3440-by-1440 resolution display for $40 to $70 cheaper than elsewhere.


It’s still a pain in the butt to find a new graphics card at a good price, but if you’re looking to up your gaming experience, another option is to improve your display. Walmart can help you with that today with a 34-inch Samsung ultrawide gaming monitor with a pixel-packed 3440-by-1440 resolution for $279. You can find similar Samsung models elsewhere for $320 to $350, so it’s a great deal.

This is a WQHD “ultrawide” monitor, which means it’s much wider than your average display, sporting a 21:9 aspect ratio versus the more standard 16:9. Samsung’s also outfitted the monitor with FreeSync technology for buttery smooth gaming when paired with a compatible graphics card. The refresh rate isn’t that high at 75Hz, but it’s still higher than the standard 60Hz (and it’s hard for GPUs to push all those pixels at 3440-by-1440 anyway).

That’s not all this monitor can do. It has picture-by-picture functionality that can display input from two sources (such as a desktop and a console) side by side at their native resolution. There’s also picture-in-picture mode that lets a second source’s output occupy up to 25 percent of the screen and be positioned anywhere.

For ports, the display has two HDMI and one DisplayPort. This is a VA panel with a 4 millisecond response time, and a max brightness of 300 nits.

For gameplay or even for productivity this is an excellent monitor upgrade—and today it’s going for a great price.

[Today’s deal: 34-inch Samsung WQHD 21:9 display for $279 at Walmart.]

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