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Amazon Web Services goes gunning for gamers with free FPS framework

Amazon Web Services is handing PC and console game developers new tools to encourage them to use its cloud services for their back-end server infrastructure.


Here’s how Nintendo will get people to use its smartphone apps

Nintendo's first smartphone app arrives in March with a new rewards scheme to get players hooked.

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Madden, Bing pick Carolina Panthers to win Super Bowl 50

Electronic Arts' Madden 16 football simulation, as well as Microsoft's Bing algorithm, both have picked the Panthers to win the Super Bowl on Sunday.


GOG gets into early access games with 14-day refund policy

GOG's "games in development" early access program includes DRM-free downloads and rollbacks to previous versions.


Google's Niantic Labs to become independent company

The developer of mobile game Ingress will go solo as it aims to reach bigger audiences


GameFly brings game streaming to Amazon Fire TV, taking on Nvidia and Sony

The mail-order video game rental service's expansion to streaming seems long overdue, but the market's still young and unproven.

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RIP: OnLive gaming service dead as of April 30

OnLive, the ahead-of-its-time cloud-based video game service, is calling it quits on April 30. Sony is picking up the scraps, in the form of patents and other assets.

Cloud gaming pioneer OnLive sold to Sony, will cease operations April 30

OnLive's users are losing a unique service that let them play high-end games without a high-end PC. The company apparently couldn't keep up with subscribers' thirst for server resources.

Twitch hit by possible data breach, resets user passwords

Twitch is recommending users also change their passwords on other sites

Bowing to mobile, Nintendo forms gaming tie-up with DeNA

A global mobile platform will roll out in the fall, even as Nintendo works on a new console code-named NX

Help OnLive get to 62,791 Facebook Likes, get a game for $1

Cloud gaming service OnLive is recruiting the dark forces of social media to spread the word about its service -- and if you help out, there could be cheap games in it for you.

Google+ games confirmed via help page

Google+ is the hot new thing in social networking, and the addition of social gaming to the service has been rumored for a while now. Looks like it's happening soon, if the official help document is to be believed.

OnLive wants to be inside your PS3 and Xbox 360

OnLive is great for people who want to ride into the future. Cloud based gaming eliminates the need for those pesky disks and trips to your local GameStop. But if you have console, you're stuck in the past -- something that OnLive...

Zynga Files for IPO

It's been on the cards for a while now, but social game giant Zynga has finally made its initial public offering to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ken Kuturagi working on a 'cloud' gaming service?

A report in the Japanese Nikkei newspaper today reveals that former Sony Computer Entertainment chairman and CEO (and widely acknowledged as the "father" of the PlayStation brand) is involved in a new startup company called Cyber Ai...

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