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Mass Effect 2 Has Text Troubles on Standard-definition TVs

A thread has popped up on BioWare's forums regarding an issue prevalent in this generation's high-def console games--illegible text on older standard-definition...

Sony Announces New Premium Video Service for Its Devices

Sony has announced a Premium Video Service for Blu-ray players, Sony televisions, and PCs in conjunction with unified PlayStation Network access across all Sony Internet-enabled products.

14 Great Gift Ideas for Gamers

If a gamer is on your holiday gift list you'll want to read this guide to the hottest games and gear gifts.

Rock Band: Unplugged Launches June 9

Rock Band is coming to the PSP, with a special Rock Band Entertainment Pack bundle offered in North America.

Hands on with Nvidia's 3D Vision Goggles

We weren't truly sold on the concept of 3D gaming until we got the chance to take Nvidia's GeForce 3D Vision Goggles for a spin.

Guitar Hero Gets Jimi Hendrix

Activision's Guitar Hero: World Tour will feature the legendary rocker.

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