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xbox play anywhere

Report: Xbox Play Anywhere arrives in September

According to Polygon, you'll be able to play select games across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices starting September 13.


Beloved VLC media player releases a robust universal Windows 10 app

VLC now has a Windows 10-friendly version that works with nearly every major Windows 10 platform.


Steam's mobile app finally lands on Windows Phones

Valve may not be too happy about Windows as a PC platform, but the company has finally rolled out a Steam app for Windows mobile devices.

pcw win10 streaming primary

Windows 10 preview tweak asks where to install massive Windows Store apps

Gamers considering Windows Store purchases instead of downloads from Steam or GOG have one more feature that may sway them to the dark side.

xbox one s

Xbox One keyboard and mouse support teased as PCs and consoles draw closer together

Pretty soon you'll be able to run circles around your controller-centric friends on the Xbox One thanks to keyboard and mouse support.

windows10 stream xbox games

Xbox One games may come to Windows 10 PCs

A new report says Xbox One games may one day be playable on Windows 10 PCs.

windows 10 logo

Steam's May survey shows its users prefer Windows 10

In the May 2016 edition of Steam's hardware survey, Windows 10 finally edges out Windows 7 as the preferred OS. How much is attributable to forced upgrades, rather than simple preference, isn't clear.

Microsoft is killing Project Spark, its ambitious cross-platform creation game

Microsoft's Project Spark is dead, not just resting.

pcw win10 streaming primary

How Microsoft's former PC gaming glory could help fix today's Windows gaming woes

Microsoft practically kickstarted PC gaming, but it's stumbled in recent years, as Xbox development and badly designed Windows tie-ins drove gamers away. But there's hope, if Microsoft can loosen up and return to its roots.

gears of war 4k

Windows 10 PC games level up with FreeSync, G-Sync, and unlocked frame rate support

A Windows 10 update today adds much-needed PC game support for FreeSync and G-Sync monitors, as well as unlocked frame rates.

origin pc chronos

Origin PC Chronos review: Fast things come in small, loud packages

Origin PC's custom micro-tower crams high-performance hardware into an impressively small amount of space.

radeonproduo straighton 4c 5inch

AMD Radeon Pro Duo grabs top graphics spot for now

AMD's overdue dual-GPU Radeon Pro Duo may be fast enough to bump Nvidia's Titan X, but for $1,500, it had better be fast. Don't get too comfortable, though: Pascal could ruin the party in the near future.

gaming pc

Windows 10 hits the top of Steam's usage charts

Windows 10 (64-bit) is now the most popular way to play Steam games, thanks to “Recommended” upgrades and DirectX 12

Xbox One

Xbox's first universal Windows apps include Hulu, NASCAR, Nickelodeon, and Dailymotion

The promise of porting Windows 10 apps to Xbox already has a few takers including Hulu and Nickelodeon.


The Windows Store gears up for all-out war with Steam

Microsoft promises mod support, overlays, G-Sync, Freesync and more as it pushes the Windows Store and Windows 10 for PC gaming.


Microsoft’s cross-platform gaming push gets real with Killer Instinct for Windows 10

Killer Instinct hits Windows 10 with cross-platform purchases, saves, and multiplayer.

Atari Vault Logo

The Atari Vault hits Steam with 100 classic games to scratch your retro 2600 itch

Atari Vault is now available on Steam. These 100 classic games add modern features like online multiplayer.

phil spencer microsoft xbox one

Microsoft merging Xbox, Windows app stores as UWP apps move to the Xbox One

You might be able to check your email on the Xbox One (assuming you'd want to) when Microsoft's universal apps move to its game console later this summer.

microsoft edge browser primary

New Microsoft Edge extensions may have a ripple effect on Windows gaming

Extensions may not be the feature that lures users to Microsoft's Edge browser. But extending Universal Windows Apps in general has promising implications for the openness of the Windows platform.

Xbox One controller

Microsoft will soon explain how Universal Xbox apps work

With Xbox One, Microsoft's Universal apps are about to expand beyond Windows in a major way.

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